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Responsibility, Integrity, Passion and Excellence.


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Friendly and Creative.

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Training Sri Lanka - igniting passion in training.


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Training will be an invaluable investment with us.

Training Sri Lanka provides you the most practical and result oriented training solutions in soft skills development and enhanced technical competencies needed for the corporate and public sector covering entire community where training is needed for quality, productivity and efficiency which will be greatly beneficial towards professionalism.

Further we are well focused in youth carrier guidance, counseling and community development towards building competent and productive professionals.

Training with Training Sri Lanka is a definite invaluable investment.

We Conduct..

  • Onsite Training and Consulting for Corporate sector

    Onsite Corporate Training brings "High-Impact" business training. 

  • Off-the-Shelf Training Packages

    With Training Sri Lanka Off-the-Shelf Training Packages, all the work is done for you. 

  • Government institution Training Services

    Onsite public sector trainings in all three languages island wide.

  • Online Training Programs

    Online training for individuals and businesses for your needs.

  • Curriculum Development Services

    Proven development processes ensure effective products that result in learning.